Bellagio World Poker Tournament

Bellagio in Las Vegas in 2015 has been officially closed for registration. Poker News reported that the tournament will enter the final stage on December 19, 2015 (tomorrow). World Poker Tournament hosted by the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas had about 639 participants from around the world tournament with a total prize of 6.1 million US Dollars.

World Tournament Bellagio slightly adjacent to the conduct of the tournament Genting ongoing. Poker tournament this time has the second largest turnout which is the 11th season. Buy in this tournament costing $ 10,400, – which also allow unlimited re-entry.

tournament Poker

63 finalists will receive cash at the Bellagio Poker Lapakqq Tournament this season, where the lowest point of Poker Champion will receive $ 21,074, – while the highest positions will receive $ 1,587,382, -. Several big-name players such as the World Poker Scotty Nguyen, Sorel Mizzi, Mike Leah, Marvin Rettenmaier, Erik Seidel, Jennifer Harman and Benjamin Zamani it did not survive until the final.

Match the final table will be held on December 19, 2015. Here is a list of gifts that later acquired all 63 Finalists:

Finalists Ranking Payout

$ 1 1,587,382
2 $ 929.745
3 $ 607.433
4 $ 412.187
5 $ 291.320
6 $ 226.238
7 $ 173.552
8 $ 127.065
9 $ 89.875
10-12 $ 68.181
13-15 $ 52.686
16-18 $ 43.338
19-27 $ 37.190
28-36 $ 31.611
37-45 $ 26.653
46-54 $ 23.554
55-63 $ 21.074

Kerry Packer, Entrepreneur Joy of Gambling

Not a few rich people in this world who love to play gambling only as mere entertainment or become a new land for their benefit outside the company.

Just look at the Kerry Packer, Australian businessman is listed as one of the world’s richest people are very fond of gambling. He was renowned as one of the famous blackjack players in Las Vegas because of its reliability gamble.


Interestingly, when smoking and drinking heavily, Packer look even more professional in the gambling arena. In 1999, Packer reportedly managed to win the US $ 24 million and $ 33 million at the MGM Grand Casino while playing blackjack and baccarat.

Remarkably, Packer reportedly almost makes creating MGM Grand bankrupt Lapakqq because of his victory. As a result, a number of casino employees who have let him make too big a bet immediately fired.

Most gambling fans in search of fortune and profit from the casinos in order to become rich. In contrast to the gamblers in general, Kerry Packer is an exception given that he is a businessman.


During his life, Packer building a media empire and once the richest man in Australia before his death due to kidney in 2005.

Outside the wealth and media empire, Packer famous as a gambler who always dared to risk their money in large quantities.

He famously love to play blackjack, poker, baccarat and other card games. But his favorite game is blackjack where Packer has become a legend because of it.

The players in the gambling houses have always felt fearful of Kerry Packer. Not because he was cruel and evil, but because of the amount of the stakes are fairly extreme.

With the stakes, big media bosses in Australia can make a place to play casino bankrupt or losing money for a full year.

But he always takes into account that the casino where he bet not bankrupt, to some employees allow him to keep playing.


Pada satu kesempatan, Packer dilaporkan kehilangan US$ 20 juta di meja judi Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas. Cerita lain mengungkapkan, miliarder yang putus sekolah ini juga pernah mengalami kekalahan sebesar US$ 19 juta di Ritz Club, Las Vegas.

Meski pernah mencatatkan beberapa kekalahan, tapi Packer juga berhasil mencetak sejumlah kemenangan. Arena judi Aspinalls Club London bahkan menutup operasinya setelah Packer memenangkan sangat banyak uang dari permainan blackjack.

Lain waktu, Packer berhasil mendulang uang sekitar US$ 24 juta hingga US$ 33 juta dari MGM Grand saat bermain blackjack dan bakarat.

Hebatnya, Packer nyaris membuat MGM Grand Casino bangkrut dan membuat sebagian pegawainya dipecat karena membiarkan dia bertaruh dalam jumlah sangat besar.

Sejauh ini, belum ada pemain blackjack yang dapat menang dan kalah dalam jumlah seekstrim Packer. Bagaimana tidak, dia bernai bertaruh hingga US$ 300 ribu atau lebih hanya dalam sekali main.

Kabarnya, dia bermain blackjack hanya saat merasa bosan dan dia sering merasakannya. Dari berbagai permainannya dia berhasil melahirkan banyak kisah menarik.



1.Kartu Domino, consists of 28 cards, each card has different values that can be played from 2 to 6 players.


2.Pemain be dealt 4 cards.

3.From 4 cards obtained, we have to combine 4 of the card into two pairs of values, for example:


4.Value card views of two cards which we combine and summed by taking the last digit, if the sum card is more than 10 or more than 20, then the value is taken behind it, for example:


5.Each player will be dealt 3 cards and the player is given a chance first 2 times to bet or raise the stakes. – The first opportunity is when the cards are dealt three pieces, each player may bet or else raise the bet to take the card to 4, if one of the players did not follow bet proposed another player, then the player domino 99 is not entitled to take the card to 4 and in declared lost. – A second chance, which is when each player has to get cards 4 or the last card, the betting is done to determine the winner.

6.The winner of this game can be seen from the combination of two pairs of cards of the highest, for example:


7.Inin If the game ends in a draw / draw, victory is determined by the highest custody complained that belongs to each player, if there is no custody of the players, it is determined by the player who has the highest spheres which is owned players, for example:


8.In the game of dominoes kiu-kiu / domino qq, there are four kinds of the highest value card or a so-called Special Cards. Special-card 6 to 1 is a god Value Card Highest card in a game of dominoes kiu-kiu (due by 28 dominoes, only have 4 cards bulatannya 6 for 4 cards in the can bulatannya amounted to 6 respectively.


*Special card to card 2 is 4 Balak, namely:
4 cards in all players have Balak Example:


*Special card to card 3 is Pure Large
namely: 4 cards a player whose total number amounted to at least 40 bulatannya circle.


*Last Special cards are cards Small Pure
namely: 4 cards a player bulatannya overall amount of not more than 9 sphere.





Free Play Capsa Poker To Win


Free Play Capsa Poker  To Win – Capsa Poker  In the game, each player will be dealt 13-card, and the player in charge of preparing all 13 pieces of the card into the card arrangement best. Cards will be divided into 3 rows arrangement. The composition of the bottom card must have a value greater than the combination of the middle of the card, as well as the middle of the card must mempunyi value combination that is higher than the top card.


Here is the arrangement of card combinations Capsa Poker  ranging from best to lowest :

  • Royal Straight Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind
  • Double Pair
  • PairRoyal Straight Flush is the highest card combination arrangement with sequential numbers starting from the number 10 and has a similar flower. Example: 10 ♠ – J ♠ – Q ♠ – K ♠ – A ♠Straight Flush is a combination of consecutive cards with similar flowers, but the card is not determined starting from any number. Example: 5 ♥ – ♥ 6 – 7 ♥ – ♥ 8 – 9 ♥Four of a Kind is a combination of four cards that have the same number and comes with 1 free card. If the cards Four of a Kind is met with a similar opponent, the winner will be determined from the value of the largest card held in the card Four of a Kind. While one Kicker card only as a complement card. Example: 8 ♦ – 8 ♠ – 8 ♥ – 8 ♣ – 6 ♦Full House is a combination card pair and Three of a Kind. Full House determined sequence combination of three of a Kindnya value. If the Full House consisting of 4 ♠ – 4 ♣ – K ♣ – K ♥ – K ♠ a Full House King. The combination will be counted is a combination of King, if met with a combination of Full House Queen (5 ♣ – 5 ♦ – Q ♣ – Q ♦ – Q ♥) then the Full House King will come out as the winner.

    Flush is a combination of 5 cards with the same flower, but do not need a double decker. This combination will compare the development, whichever is higher. The combination of flowers from highest to lowest are: Spades ♠ – Heart ♥ – Curly ♣ – Diamonds ♦, while the value of the highest card to lowest are: A -K- Q – J – 10 – 9-8 – 7-6 – 5-4 – 3 – 2. If Flush met with Flush, then it will be compared in advance what type of flowers you have, if it has the same flower, the winner will be determined from the value of the card owned.

    Straight is a combination of cards with consecutive numbers. This combination does not require the same kinds of flowers. Determining the winner if the Straight met with Straight is to compare the value of the biggest cards of each player.

    Three of a Kind is a combination of three fruit cards that have the same numbers. Two cards of the rest should be a random card.

    Double Pair is an arrangement of two pairs of cards accompanied by 1 random card. If both players have the same pair of double cards are the same, then the winner will be the determination of the greatest pair then viewed blossoms. Example: If player A has a card Q- Q – 8 – 8-5 while player B has a card 10-10 – 9-9 – A, the winner is the player A with a pair of Jack. However, if found to pair with the same values, then the winner will be determined by the kind of blossoms.

    Pair is a combination card that has a pair of twins. Pair 2 is the lowest pair, and the pair As is the highest pair. If both players have piar with the same value, then the winner will be the highest of the kinds of flowers.
    calculation Cards

    Calculations carried out card when the allotted time runs out. The players will be given time to reorder the 13 cards that are dealt.
    The calculation is performed between players (head to head) of the composition of the bottom, middle and top.

    Each arrangement will score 1 point, but different to the calculation of “goods”.

    The types of calculations “stuff”:
    Threes above will get 5 points

    Full House middle will get 3 points
    Four of a Kind bottom will get 7 points
    Four of a Kind the center will get 14 points
    Straight Flush bottom will get 9 points
    Straight Flush the center will get 18 points
    Royal Flush bottom will score 11 points
    Royal Flush middle will get the value of 22 points
    “Dragon”, the winner will get the value of 208 points. (Dragon is if all 13 cards can be a complete arrangement from Ace to King)
    Translucent is a situation where one player wins head to head from the other player in any arrangement under. Then point the winner will be multiplied by 2 plus bonus “stuff”.

    Translucent Tour (Super) is a situation where one player wins the head to head of all the other players, both from the composition of the bottom, mid and top. Then point the player will be multiplied by 4 plus the bonus “stuff”. * Super does not apply if only played by three players *

    PAO is a situation where one player in the laying of cards. Player is wrong with laying of cards will be considered lost translucent circumference and calculation of the card will be ((3 × 4) + bonus “stuff” that is owned by another player).

    The room cost was 3% of total victory winner.
    Sample case :

    If in one table, there are four players (A, B, C, and D) in the table with stakes of 100 rupiah.
    A gain in the first line and Full House A 3, B receive Liver Flush, Straight 9 C gain, and D gain Pair of aces.
    The calculation is: A winning all the head to head, which means getting each 100 silver of all the first line, and the total victory of the first line is 300 silver.
    B wins of C and D, but lost to A. Total wins B of the first line is 100 silver.
    C win of the D, but lost of A and B. Then the total defeat of the first line is 100 silver.
    D defeat of A, B, and C. Then the total defeat of D in the first row is 300 silver.
    Likewise, the calculation applies to the third row.
    Final results will show the total victory of defeat and victory each player.


How Do I Start Playing BandarQ?


For those of you who play BANDARQ hobby, let a little listen to the following article on the trick play bandarq win. If you are an online gambler, might’ve tried a few online poker game server.

Basically though bandarq and are 2 similar games, but there is little difference in terms of how to play. In the city ceme game, one person seated into the city will continue to be the city until the player decides to stand up / stand up. While in bandarq game, players can take turns to be the city.

In the game bandarq, there is a minimum to be a dealer. And as long as you bring in more than minimal chip dealer, then you are entitled to become a city. There, you will be faced off against other players sitting at the table with you. This online gambling players Judi Bandarq can play the computer like any android phone city ceme In the game, the city may first open the card, but in the game Agen bandarq, the city will always always be the last open card.

Basic rules BandarQ


Each player will get 2 pieces each dominoqq card. You have to know how to calculate the value of your cards. Although the card will be automatically counted by the server. At least you need to know the basis of this game. See the example image above. Count the dots on each two-card hand. If the calculation exceeds 9 then taken just the value behind it. For example if your card is 10 + 11, the total value of the circle is 21. So your card will be worth 1.

Card is worth 0 is the lowest card, and the card is worth 9 is the highest card. Understand the difference if you become BANDAR and become PLAYER. By the time you become Bandar, then if you get the same cards with cards of other players then you who will come out as the winner. But here you need to consider is, when the seat being Bandar, you will be faced off against not just one players. Each player also has a value of its own stakes that you can not specify. Therefore prepare yourself, if you lose you will lose more chips. And note here, if the player gets 9 cards and city cards under 9, then Bandar MANDATORY pay 2x the value of a player bets.

After learning how to calculate the value of cards in the game bandarq, and know the advantages and disadvantages become BANDAR in this game, if you still decide to play into Bandar, then read the following trick to win this game bandarq.

Try to find a table that players were not too many. So if a player bets big, and your card does not support, then you will not lose much. Bandar in bandarq game will spin and turn, so take advantage of the opportunity when you become the next player against the dealer. If when you become a city ugly and lose your card from another player, try double (x2) your bets. If at the time (x2) you still lose, too, try (x3) You bet, up to (x5). So in this calculation should you will get the victory exceeds the value that you already spent. Remember these tips, you need to have a chip in an amount not less. So if your capital is mediocre, my advice should you choose to play into PLAYER alone.