KyokoHey everyone. So it’s been…a few months. And I’m sorry for that. A lot of things have happened between my last post and now (and are still happening).

So here’s the deal: I’m probably gonna keep this site. In fact, I’m gonna be so bored over the next year, I’m definitely gonna have time to update it. The updates won’t be frequent, but I won’t be dead anymore.

The thing is, I’m likely going to take the next school year off. I’m having some serious health issues right now, all of which my doctors are a little baffled over. What was originally thought to be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in my hands is now actually a body wide Peripheral Neuropathy, at least for the time being, because it’s the only diagnosis that makes sense without further testing. My doctor says the neuropathy is so advanced that I have the debilitating symptoms of an old person or someone who’s had a serious injury. In other words, it’s HIGHLY unusual. I’m going in for a second opinion, and actually being sent by the same people who help me go to school, since my health is affecting that at the moment. Basically, we DO know my muscles aren’t responding like they are supposed to. In fact, a lot of what is happening to me lately is the following: not being able to type long, write, draw for more than an hour without taking a break, hold a phone up for more than a minute or two, drive long distances (an hour), hold things, grip things tightly, basic household chores like doing the dishes, and opening things up with my hands. In other words, I’m essentially a useless member of society. No job, no school…I’m starting to understand how my mom feels most days (she’s very sickly).

Anyway, the reason why I’ve been absent despite having free time is because my house er…well, almost fell in back in February. In fact, my bedroom quite literally was not being held up by anything. What a wonderful delight that was to find out on top of everything! Thank you, termites! Anyhow, some of the flooring issues have been addressed, all except my mom’s bathroom and living room, but we need more funds for that. I had actually been busy with physical therapy and was kind of down, so I was watching a lot of Doctor Who during that month. And around March, I went back to my moms, and normally I would leave my door shut, but because of my knee, I have been having to leave it open in case I fell or something silly thing like that. I can’t really work on my normal account at my mom’s so I’ve been using a dummy account, which is why I’ve lacked any form of updates until now. I’m actually at my mom’s now, but she isn’t home. I’m returning to my dad’s either next week or the week after, so hopefully I’ll do something with this place. I can’t put into words how bored I’ve been.

Anyway, that’s all from me for right now. Sorry I haven’t replied to anyone, I just haven’t really been around a whole lot to do so. I’ll try getting back to you when I go back to my dad’s.

Ta ta for now, and take care. ♥


KyokoAlright, so I’ve been neglecting this site for a while. Well, half of December I was busy trying not to do from finals, lost tons of sleep, but ended the semester with a 3.0 and all Bs so that’s not terrible, but not what I was wanting.

And now, for the even more horrible news.

I had an accident on January 3, which dislocated my knee and other horribleness, as of today, I’m STILL waiting to just be TESTED for. It was rather a miracle that I had just got insurance two days before, or else I’d really be screwed, so I can’t complain. Unfortunately, because of this, I had to drop out of college for the semester and it’s been really hard on me because this was not exactly what I had in mind. And then I came to learn that I’m stuck with my lease until someone can take it over, and the only thing paying for my apartment was my financial aid, and guess what I lost? Yeah. And I can’t work. I can come up with the money for February but afterwards, I’m probably going to be financially devastated because of this accident. So I’m not in the greatest of spirits right now.

At the very least, my introduction to Doctor Who couldn’t have come at a better time. Specifically, with the Fourth Doctor and Tom Baker. Oh, my adoration! I just…I have no words, I’m utterly obsessed. I’ve nearly finished his run and I’m currently halfway through season 18, but I haven’t really been on the computer a whole lot, unfortunately.

I don’t know what to do about this site now. I don’t know if I will be able to continue to afford it. I’ve considered doing art commissions and I’m trying to work on it, but my damn wrists (see previous post) are kind of limiting me, especially in the pain department.

Anyway, I do have one update.

Link Exchanges: I have one new link exchange! Please welcome Thuy!

Everyone who’s posted on the tagboard I haven’t got back to: Thanks for the gifts, and sorry I haven’t been able to reply back! I would now but something’s come up and I need to jet. :( Sorry I’ve been crappy with keeping up with this place but life is literally beating me down at the moment. Hopefully that’ll change soon.

KyokoAlright, I’ve quite well exceeded my max capacity of what I can handle in a semester triple-fold. I ended up having Typography which is an actual nightmare because the teacher is…a nightmare. Not to mention there is so much work in there that you almost have to never go to bed to finish it all. And because of my lack of sleep, my immune system has went all to hell. I’ve been in the hospital a few times already, which is a first since leaving high school. Not only that but according to a doctor I’ve most likely developed a pretty severe form of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand which is making it hard for me to even get caught up in school, let alone do normal activities like driving or brushing my hair (and even holding a cell phone!) without excruciating pain. And if it is CPS, I’ll most likely have to get surgery which will leave me without the use of my hand for several months, which is pretty disheartening. Not only that but if the surgery fails to work, I’m going to have to probably quit college because I physically cannot keep up with it anymore.

So I kind of popped on here to let everyone know what’s going on. I’m still on hiatus and with the recent discovery of how severe my wrist has actually gotten and how it even hurts to be on a computer, I’ve been contemplating whether or not to just shut the site down. I really don’t want to, but I’m not left with many options because it’s really hard for me to be on a computer for any extended amount of time anymore, even with a brace on.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and I’ll try to come back soon with information about what my plans are for the site. Take care!

KyokoSo as you may or may not have guessed, I’ve been incredibly busy. I’m actually in between class right now and decided that I’m a little overdue for an update on my whereabouts.

Basically, I’ve had no free time. At all. I’ve lost a lot of sleep. I’ve wrote more papers in one half a semester than I have an entire semester at my previous college. I was constantly painting. But now that I’m done with painting I’m switching to another class (weaving?) and I have no idea if I’ll be back until December or not. I’ve also been battling my bipolar, which on top of everything, has been challenging, so to even think about maintaining this site at the moment would be laughable as I was barely keeping my head above water in school and in my own life. I’m trying but it’s been hard. I suspect things will get a little slower soon (at least I hope) and my stress levels won’t be sky high anymore. I will also use any extra free time to look for any possible jobs as I am in desperate need of extra income. So I can’t really say when I’ll be back regularly again for certain.

Hopefully though when I do update it’s with the layout I left nearly finished. So at least it’s something. I still have things I need to add to the site as well.

Hope everyone is having a good fall. xx