Free Play Capsa Poker To Win


Free Play Capsa Poker  To Win – Capsa Poker  In the game, each player will be dealt 13-card, and the player in charge of preparing all 13 pieces of the card into the card arrangement best. Cards will be divided into 3 rows arrangement. The composition of the bottom card must have a value greater than the combination of the middle of the card, as well as the middle of the card must mempunyi value combination that is higher than the top card.


Here is the arrangement of card combinations Capsa Poker  ranging from best to lowest :

  • Royal Straight Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind
  • Double Pair
  • PairRoyal Straight Flush is the highest card combination arrangement with sequential numbers starting from the number 10 and has a similar flower. Example: 10 ♠ – J ♠ – Q ♠ – K ♠ – A ♠Straight Flush is a combination of consecutive cards with similar flowers, but the card is not determined starting from any number. Example: 5 ♥ – ♥ 6 – 7 ♥ – ♥ 8 – 9 ♥Four of a Kind is a combination of four cards that have the same number and comes with 1 free card. If the cards Four of a Kind is met with a similar opponent, the winner will be determined from the value of the largest card held in the card Four of a Kind. While one Kicker card only as a complement card. Example: 8 ♦ – 8 ♠ – 8 ♥ – 8 ♣ – 6 ♦Full House is a combination card pair and Three of a Kind. Full House determined sequence combination of three of a Kindnya value. If the Full House consisting of 4 ♠ – 4 ♣ – K ♣ – K ♥ – K ♠ a Full House King. The combination will be counted is a combination of King, if met with a combination of Full House Queen (5 ♣ – 5 ♦ – Q ♣ – Q ♦ – Q ♥) then the Full House King will come out as the winner.

    Flush is a combination of 5 cards with the same flower, but do not need a double decker. This combination will compare the development, whichever is higher. The combination of flowers from highest to lowest are: Spades ♠ – Heart ♥ – Curly ♣ – Diamonds ♦, while the value of the highest card to lowest are: A -K- Q – J – 10 – 9-8 – 7-6 – 5-4 – 3 – 2. If Flush met with Flush, then it will be compared in advance what type of flowers you have, if it has the same flower, the winner will be determined from the value of the card owned.

    Straight is a combination of cards with consecutive numbers. This combination does not require the same kinds of flowers. Determining the winner if the Straight met with Straight is to compare the value of the biggest cards of each player.

    Three of a Kind is a combination of three fruit cards that have the same numbers. Two cards of the rest should be a random card.

    Double Pair is an arrangement of two pairs of cards accompanied by 1 random card. If both players have the same pair of double cards are the same, then the winner will be the determination of the greatest pair then viewed blossoms. Example: If player A has a card Q- Q – 8 – 8-5 while player B has a card 10-10 – 9-9 – A, the winner is the player A with a pair of Jack. However, if found to pair with the same values, then the winner will be determined by the kind of blossoms.

    Pair is a combination card that has a pair of twins. Pair 2 is the lowest pair, and the pair As is the highest pair. If both players have piar with the same value, then the winner will be the highest of the kinds of flowers.
    calculation Cards

    Calculations carried out card when the allotted time runs out. The players will be given time to reorder the 13 cards that are dealt.
    The calculation is performed between players (head to head) of the composition of the bottom, middle and top.

    Each arrangement will score 1 point, but different to the calculation of “goods”.

    The types of calculations “stuff”:
    Threes above will get 5 points

    Full House middle will get 3 points
    Four of a Kind bottom will get 7 points
    Four of a Kind the center will get 14 points
    Straight Flush bottom will get 9 points
    Straight Flush the center will get 18 points
    Royal Flush bottom will score 11 points
    Royal Flush middle will get the value of 22 points
    “Dragon”, the winner will get the value of 208 points. (Dragon is if all 13 cards can be a complete arrangement from Ace to King)
    Translucent is a situation where one player wins head to head from the other player in any arrangement under. Then point the winner will be multiplied by 2 plus bonus “stuff”.

    Translucent Tour (Super) is a situation where one player wins the head to head of all the other players, both from the composition of the bottom, mid and top. Then point the player will be multiplied by 4 plus the bonus “stuff”. * Super does not apply if only played by three players *

    PAO is a situation where one player in the laying of cards. Player is wrong with laying of cards will be considered lost translucent circumference and calculation of the card will be ((3 × 4) + bonus “stuff” that is owned by another player).

    The room cost was 3% of total victory winner.
    Sample case :

    If in one table, there are four players (A, B, C, and D) in the table with stakes of 100 rupiah.
    A gain in the first line and Full House A 3, B receive Liver Flush, Straight 9 C gain, and D gain Pair of aces.
    The calculation is: A winning all the head to head, which means getting each 100 silver of all the first line, and the total victory of the first line is 300 silver.
    B wins of C and D, but lost to A. Total wins B of the first line is 100 silver.
    C win of the D, but lost of A and B. Then the total defeat of the first line is 100 silver.
    D defeat of A, B, and C. Then the total defeat of D in the first row is 300 silver.
    Likewise, the calculation applies to the third row.
    Final results will show the total victory of defeat and victory each player.