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former days, former glory

alanis singing another story

played outside with all the weather

you thought this through

now you’re a Heather

– missxzero

Edited for clarity: This is just me wishing I could have lived more presently in 1997. From the Choirgirl Hotel was being made, Siren was being made, (apparently) I was being made…Tom Baker released his book, which is funny. 1997 was also a time when electronics and video games weren’t really taking over my life yet. I was playing outside, or playing with toys or learning.

This is also a callback to the days when I got into all my favorite musicians – I fell in love with Loreena McKennett and Alanis Morissette, those days were just…everything.

The last line is a reference to when my mom was choosing between my name, Kristen, and another, Heather. It’s also a reference to the movie of the same now.

I will say that this poem did come to me but I feel like it was for me to write. The title, though, is a reference of me becoming “blue” – Doctor Who.

closer the flame whose wound can’t see

patent the past who owes it to follow me

under the wing of the sheep that lay to thee black

diamond to none, your theory wears flat

– missxzero

Edited for clarity: I think the first is a reference to a person being a flame. I also thought this with Fire, Walk with Me and Fire Meet Gasoline. Patent the past…well, you have to see “shock me sane.”

“Diamond to none, your theory wears flat” is like saying that your rock-solid theory isn’t so rock solid anymore once the right conditions (facts) apply.

I can’t remember the movie, haven’t read the book, I’m pretty the title may have something to do with some part of this poem.

of the fires still dying

from the mouth that feeds the hand

on the trenches of their assumptions

marks the beast across the land

– missxzero

Edited for clarity: I think the title is a double entendre about how Crowley wants to steal Mark Sheppard’s name.

I will be honest, I think I remember figuring this one out, too, and didn’t write it. I will try to remember to write everything in the future for now on. I apologize.

On your shore

There is mist

There is three



And Tidal Waves

Inching at your teeth

– missxzero

Edited for clarity: The first line is a reference to Charlotte Martin. “There is three” goes into “Flags (Emilie Autumn), Blades, and Tidal Waves (Writing, Title)” and I may have figured out “Blades” once but I cannot remember it now.

Razor blade and twist

Their magic is a myth

Save the satan in the Summer

Before the Autumn Leaves do drown

And everyone walking is a which

– missxzero

Edited for clarity: I remember that I discovered after writing this a while ago that it had that sainted/satan kind of close words together, I forget the term…

I don’t really know what the first two lines mean, but the third and fourth are a reference to a story I am working on that is a part of the visions that I’ve had and am technically kind of having while writing it.

Not a who. Which. It’s a loss of individuality.

The sainted has nothing to do with the code word the speakers that talk with my mouth use – the only reason I even got the title was because they use this word. I think that it means people who have helped to “co-write” my visions – I would get on tumblr and scroll and find Classic Doctor Who posts that would suddenly become my visions and become my canon, so to speak.

dust to dust

Sinner to sinner

In-between the sheets

No man’s a winner

– missxzero

Edited for clarity: I am definitely wanting to put on “Fight Like a Girl” reading this. It reminds me of some of the things (not the song) that I’ve heard, though I don’t remember enough to talk about it. It’s from the people or whoever that speak through me.