former days, former glory

alanis singing another story

played outside with all the weather

you thought this through

now you’re a Heather

– missxzero

Edited for clarity: This is just me wishing I could have lived more presently in 1997. From the Choirgirl Hotel was being made, Siren was being made, (apparently) I was being made…Tom Baker released his book, which is funny. 1997 was also a time when electronics and video games weren’t really taking over my life yet. I was playing outside, or playing with toys or learning.

This is also a callback to the days when I got into all my favorite musicians – I fell in love with Loreena McKennett and Alanis Morissette, those days were just…everything.

The last line is a reference to when my mom was choosing between my name, Kristen, and another, Heather. It’s also a reference to the movie of the same now.

I will say that this poem did come to me but I feel like it was for me to write. The title, though, is a reference of me becoming “blue” – Doctor Who.

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