so far out from the truth

the Poseidon in view has left anew

torn my shirt at my sleeve

thinking I could stop the bleed

terrified of one last thing

I thought I could still see that train

– missxzero

Edit for clarity: The first line is a reference to leaving home, and the second line is a reference to being so far out that even the rivers (River Song in this instance) can’t do anything but leave the situation I was in a different person. I bled for this friend, and this friend was bleeding – once I was away, at home, the one thing on my mind – I thought I could still see the train that took me to her that day May 17, 2019. There was a train that appeared in my daydreams and nightmares when I was a little girl – I used to stare at the railroad tracks near where I live and swear there was some kind of ghost train there. A train would chase me in my nightmares. This train later turns out to be a reference to going to see a friend in Maryland that I am speaking of here.

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