careful before you look that you do not trip on the side of the skater whose ties may break the tide

careful before you see the changes that complained the reverand and his flock with no eyes

sorry that you lost yourself after the waiter lost her drink at the bar without batting a single double

hello to the surgeon whose guests have left the wedding and the cadaver is still on the table

careful before you lose yourself to the drifts and the sprites still buried down in the rubble

– missxzero

Edited for clarity: Okay, so the first sentence definitely means not to trip while choosing a side or you reveal yourself to be dishonest. I don’t know exactly what skater could be, but it could be a reference to a specific 90s culture (I feel 90s) that may have influenced some of the things I grew up with (I have vaaaggue recollection, but we all know if you’ve at least been born in the early 90s? Right? Hmmm…)

I think the whole thing is not to put your horses before the carriage, or something like that. Don’t get ahead of yourself. The changes complained because they had to happen – and the verse tells you why.

I think the single/double thing is alliteration. If that’s the right word to use…the waiter lost her drink wasn’t because she forgot it. It’s because she threw it up. I think this verse is confusing because I don’t really understand what it is that it’s saying…I don’t bar hop, I don’t do anything like this since I live in a hollow between two large mountains in the middle of nowhere…

Oh my god the surgeon line. There is just SO much going on. “whose guests have left the wedding” ~ “cadaver” okay the guests are the patients, and the wedding is the wedding of his instruments and the cadaver, and because “wedding” implies that there is someone there, the cadaver is never claimed – it’s a…um, yes.

I think the last line is maybe a reference to MMORPG’s? The drifts…like drifting in a car? Sprites, maybe like save points in the game? Buried in the rubble means that you’re not only going raw at this…it’s playing life on the hardest level possible. Like, who wants to take a nasty taxi home when I could just drive or walk home, occasionally throwing up on myself? Something like that…

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