calling in to the station

we got a 4-1-1 on standby

there’s a knight in a gown

and a preacher hittin’ up the town

and the nuns are raising up their gowns

for a wordplay that’s gone astray

with no one needing to play

we work on this everyday

looking for a master, can we congregate?

dinner’s ready, so let’s masturbate

– missxzero

Edit for clarity: WHO IN THE AUDACITY COULD BE SONNETING THIS MADNESS. I am not joking, who ENDS a poem like this? 

I think this one is a little self-explanatory…

The last line. “Dinner’s ready, so let’s masturbate” is…dinner here is definitely the hawk-and-the-predator kind of deal, and they just…is this Cabin in the Woods? Oh, that’s part of it, sure, but I just realized what it means – they’re so up their own asses they’re going to jerk off to their dinner plate.

I bet they wear suits, too.

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