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Welcome to shock me sane.

This site was started because of a need to tell my story and share the information that I’ve collected over the last few years, because I’ve had a long journey experiencing something that most people don’t get the privilege (for lack of a better word) of experiencing.

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What is shock me sane?

shock me sane is a subsection of daisy dead petals, the main title of the site – though the heading of the site is different, “what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts?” is not the title. This site is a collective of everything I’ve experienced and have loved, and it will be continuously updated as there seems to be no end in sight when it comes to the information that is coming in.

You can read the first three books available below. You can also continue scrolling for more of the site, which is packed full of content.

A three-year long journey detailing everything that happened to me from the near start of 2018 all the way through 2021 that led to the start of this website and the bones of this book series.

The second book in the series detailing the harrowing results of what and some of why I went through the things I did – and it’s got quite the record.

The third book in the series that proceeds the events of shock me sane and the reactions to Let the Record Show, cataloging the next few years of my life.

The fourth book in the series that details the parallels in the lives of myself, Tori Amos, Emilie Autumn, Gene Wilder, Tom Baker, and Billie Eilish.

There is More Information to Uncover

There is More Information to Uncover

I need your help to uncover what it is that has been hidden so long.

What Else is There To Uncover?

I’m glad you asked.

Where do I go to find the kind of information that will help?

There is so much information out there that can be connected to myself and all of us, including those of us on this blog, it just takes a Google search and a bit of sleuthing and the information is right there.

  • Your submitted information will be added on here.

  • It will help aid further findings of information.

  • Everything, big or small, is invaluable.

Information to sink your teeth into…

Like a Record” is a series of articles dissecting our favorites.

From Fleetwood Mac to St. Vincent, there’s a lot going on in between in the realm of the gestalt of things.

“Look at the Flowers…”

There seems to be no in-between, especially when you’re wrapped in esemplastic, but in time and space there’s always TA.

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