David Tennant

“if the past doesn’t show

try counting backwards to ten”

– missxzero

Edited for clarity: I think this is a reference to the first poem that was submitted – Clocks Are Marching… . I think it basically means that in order to get to the point where our history starts giving us a blueprint of our future – where it says above it isn’t showing – that you have to go back to this poem, Clocks Are Marching… . As for the title, it’s a music reference.

So far I have four out of five websites that are actually online, but only three out of five of them have actually been worked on.

So far, .faded photograph. is the only one that I think will be added last just by importance.

“and they said at ten

that x will hit the spot

where the sheep will lay

and the dead will rot.”

– site image, “billie the muse” by missxzero

I’m clearly working on a big project and shock me sane is a part of that. It’s so secret right now and I can’t tell anyone about it yet.

Edited for clarification: I was advised (or rather, reminded…I think I was going to get around to this once I actually understood more…) to talk about what this may mean.

I’m not 100% certain but I think the first line is a reference to the graphic, which I believe is a keyboard stand, and a reference to the Tenth Doctor/David Tennant. As for the last two lines, it could be that by calling the people “sheep” and using the word “lay” in this context means that it is what they are laying, rather than it being them laying (like sleeping). Though now that I think about it, I think it’s a double entendre. So it’s saying that what happens when “x hits the spot” – which I actually think it’s music – but it’s to reveal what is already there. So basically, the sheep will start laying out the building blocks to something better while “the dead,” who will “rot,” is basically saying that the bad people will get what’s coming to them.