Now I get ir

Razor blade and twist

Their magic is a myth

Save the satan in the Summer

Before the Autumn Leaves do drown

And everyone walking is a which

– missxzero

Edited for clarity: I remember that I discovered after writing this a while ago that it had that sainted/satan kind of close words together, I forget the term…

I don’t really know what the first two lines mean, but the third and fourth are a reference to a story I am working on that is a part of the visions that I’ve had and am technically kind of having while writing it.

Not a who. Which. It’s a loss of individuality.

The sainted has nothing to do with the code word the speakers that talk with my mouth use – the only reason I even got the title was because they use this word. I think that it means people who have helped to “co-write” my visions – I would get on tumblr and scroll and find Classic Doctor Who posts that would suddenly become my visions and become my canon, so to speak.